Hand built Vacuum tube amps

Converted to a guitar amp. Fender Deluxe circuit.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. This site is dedicated to guitars, amps and anything related to music. Here at Bellairatone I build, repair, mod tube amps and also guitar circuits. I have many professional clients that I do work for.

I’ve been a technician for 35 years.  Starting in heating and air conditioning (2 years),  Appliances, (8 years),  IBM printer and Top Gun server tech. (8 years).  The last 10 years my hobby has been tube amps.

If you have a cool piece of furniture I can transform it into a guitar amp.  You choose the type of circuit weather it be Fender, Marshall etc. Would you  like to build your own Vacuum tube amp?  I can show you how. Is there a mod you want done on you amp? Need repairs or recapping?  Need any electrical work done on your guitar, pots, pickups, jacks, etc?

Please feel free to contact me. I’m located in the NW suburbs of Chicago.


Rock on